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Calum Graeme Ingram

I primarily work using sound, however, I employ a multidisciplinary approach - using technology and techniques from various time periods, each with its own noise characteristics. It is through this noise, that I create a sense of ‘time ambiguity’. 

I work in exceedingly complex ways, often incorporating odd time measures and complex signatures, as well as using my own approaches to consonance. Mathematic and semantic structures are present in both my video and sound work. These then become aspects within the work which appear less noisy over time. 

Mastery of noise is paramount in my work, and self-reliance is important to achieve this. I build, design and fix equipment to allow the noise characteristics of video and sound signals to be persuaded in the direction I want. This goes for analogue and digital technologies alike. 

My work is a grapple with technology and all its quirks. The struggle to overcome the obstacle that is the instrument itself. It is the torturing of signals and attempts to restrain and coerce them. But in the end, it is the acceptance of the noise of life and seeing the beauty in noise itself.

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